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International partners


At the International Police Commission – IPC, we believe that partnership with other organizations in the public and private sectors are essential in order to tackle challenges in common areas.

Transnational crime cannot be countered by the law enforcement community in isolation. By engaging in partnerships across sectors, we can share expertise, technology and resources, and so strengthen our joint response.

External organizations can bring a new and valuable dimension to the International Police Commission’s activities, with their contributions benefiting the International Police Commission’s entire network of member countries.

Cooperation across sectors

The International Police Commission – IPC cooperates closely with a number of partners in the public sector, and maintains consultative representation at the United Nations and the European Union.

We also work with select partners from the private sector, encompassing both for-profit entities and non-profit bodies, such as non-governmental organizations and foundations.

Name and logo

Official name and abbreviations

The Organization's official name is "The International Police Commission – IPC".

The official abbreviation "IPC" stands for 'International Police Commission’.

The word “The International Police Commission – IPC" is a contraction of "international police", and was chosen in 2000 as the telegraphic address.

The emblem

The emblem, in use since 2000, comprises the following elements:

A representation of the globe, to indicate that the International Police Commission’s activities are worldwide;

Olive branches either side of the globe to symbolize peace;

The name “The International Police Commission – IPC “below the globe in the centre of the olive branches;

A vertical sword behind the globe, symbolizing police action;

The abbreviations "IPC" and "IPC" above the globe either side of the sword;

The scales below the olive branches symbolize justice.

The flag

The flag has been in use since 2000.

It has a light-blue background;

The emblem is in the centre;

The four lightning flashes arranged symmetrically around the emblem symbolize telecommunications and speed in police action.

Protection of the International Police Commission’s distinctive signs

As an international organization, The International Police Commission’s distinctive signs are protected by the 1883 Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property.

Under the terms of Article 6 of this Convention, which has been ratified by the majority of The International Police Commission’s member countries, the signatory countries have agreed to refuse registration and prohibit the use of marks which contain without authorization armorial bearings, flags, other emblems, abbreviations and names of states and intergovernmental organizations.

The Organization's emblem and the name “The International Police Commission – IPC" have, in addition, been registered as European Community and US trademarks.

Authorization to use The International Police Commission’s distinctive signs

The use of The International Police Commission’s name and logo by external organizations for promotional purposes is only permitted in exceptional cases and is subject to certain conditions, outlined in the Directives for the use of The International Police Commission’s name, initials and emblem/logo(s).

Authorization to use the Organization's distinctive signs is limited:

Authorization is given for a specific, identified project;

The duration of the authorization is specified;

Authorization does not confer any exclusive rights.

The signs may not be modified or adapted and, where appropriate, the media (documents, films, etc.) must be submitted to the Organization for approval before publication.

The International Police Commission – IPC may automatically revoke the entitlement to use its distinctive signs if it transpires that the project is likely to prejudice its reputation or image.

In defined cases, the International Police Commission – IPC logo can be used alongside a third-party logo – for example, from other organizations, ministries or police administrations – when co-organizing an event or producing a publication about a joint project.

Further information

Please contact the International Police Commission – IPC Communications Office for the following:

More information on the use of the logo;

Information on co-branding;

To request a copy of the logo;

To request a copy of the Organization’s Visual Identity Policy



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