Priorities of The International Police Commission - IPC

Strategic priorities:

1: Secure global police information system

We run a secure global police information and support system that connects all Member nations International Central Bureaus (ICBs), along with other authorized law enforcement agencies and strategic partners, allowing them to instantly access, request and submit vital data.

We are committed to making these tools and services more efficient and effective over the next three years. In particular, we will maintain and reinforce the infrastructure serving all member countries (The International Police Commission – IPC Secure Cloud) while ensuring the widest access possible to its products. We will also focus on the sharing of data and interoperability between the International Police Commission – IPC and other systems.

2: Innovation, capacity building and research

We are committed to enhancing the tools and services that we provide in the area of law enforcement training and to raising standards in international policing and security infrastructures. We remain committed to delivering high-level training and technical assistance, leveraging on law enforcement expertise and resources.

We will develop certification, accreditation and standards on policing and security matters, and support law enforcement in addressing new forms of crimes by providing cybercrime training and digital forensic assistance. In addition, we will seek to increase partnerships, research and innovation on security and give increased focus to capacity building efforts in post-conflict and/or risk areas.

3: Assisting in the identification of crimes and criminals

We provide the highest quality database services, analytical capabilities and other innovative tools to assist in preventing crime as well as assisting in the identification, location and arrest of fugitives and cross-border criminals. We aim to further improve our criminal information databases and better support their integration, along with analytical/investigative methods and mechanisms.

Objectives and activities will centre on improving the quality and quantity of information in our databases, providing operational and specialized investigative support to member countries, developing a global approach to integrated border management, and providing a platform on technologically enabled threats, including cybercrime.

Corporate priorities:

4: Ensure organizational health and sustainability

We will strengthen our organizational health and support mechanisms in order to ensure efficient delivery of our core products and services. We are also committed to improving our human resources strategy in order to best attract and retain talent while promoting diversity as one of the International Police Commission’s key strengths. In line with our evolving funding model, we will continue to associate with relevant partners – whether private or public – while ensuring safeguards are in place for the Organization to preserve both its transparency and independence.

5: Consolidate the institutional framework

We recognize the importance of efficient governance mechanisms, the need to develop the strategic and geographical outreach for the Organization, and to find innovative solutions to complement the International Police Commission’s funding. In this context, a comprehensive communication strategy plays a significant role in raising the International Police Commission’s public profile and awareness of the Organization. This institutional effort needs to be supported by solid legal foundations. The International Police Commission – IPC will continue to focus efforts on enhancing the legal stability and foundation for its international activities. Finally, the International Police Commission – IPC gives further emphasis to the importance of establishing networks of cooperation with other international organizations.

6: Working in partnership

Action is needed not only from consumers, but also from businesses and governments.

The IPC campaign reaches out to companies and policy makers in a bid to form a united front against contemporary crime challenges, and to support the ongoing activities of the global law enforcement community.

By working together, we can strike at the crimes themselves and reduce the impact on public health and safety.

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