The International Police Commission - IPC was established to serve and assist peoples of the world in the maintenance of peace and achieve prosperity. We hope to play a vital role in preventing and ending crimes against humanity such as drug trafficking, terrorism, murders, and unnecessary killings, abuse of women and children and violation of human rights.

World Leaders/ Diplomats/ Ambassadors and renowned Personalities from various professional lines such as businessmen, industrialists, educationists, doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers, retired and active peace officers of the law, soldiers and veterans and other professionals who stand for peace, justice, liberty and democracy and able to extend best possible support physically, mentally and financially are most welcome in the International Police Commission IPC to make success our primary mission to become distinct organization committed to support the global law enforcement in efforts to prevent and resolve crime against humanity, promote economic and social well-being, sustain security operation and assist international and local agencies in their campaign against criminal syndicates and terrorist organizations involving the supreme citizens power under the constitution of all nation to ensure equity of justice, freedom and democracy.

The Spirit of the Universe is calling upon all peace-loving citizens to volunteer and join us in this noble endeavor.

We welcome you to connect with us and be an active IPC Member.

Mr. Arvind Kumar Sharma
Commanding General - IPC India Command

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