Global Policy Advisory Forum - GPAF

Global Policy Advisory Forum (GPAF) was established under IPC charter as an independent policy watchdog that monitors the work of the United Nations and scrutinizes global policymaking. We promote accountability and citizen participation in decisions on peace and security, social justice and international law. This initiative aims at keeping the members of global civil society informed about the crucial global negotiations, explore opportunities for participation and lay the basis for a strong presence.

GPAF gathers information and circulates it through a comprehensive website, as well as through reports and newsletters. We play an active role in NGO networks and other advocacy arenas. We organize meetings and conferences and we publish original research and policy papers.

Global Policy Advisory Forum analyzes deep and persistent structures of power and dissects rapidly-emerging issues and crises. GPAF's work challenges mainstream thinking and questions conventional wisdom. We seek egalitarian, cooperative, peaceful and sustainable solutions to the world's great problems.


GPAF uses a holistic approach, linking peace and security with economic justice and human development. We put our energy into well-focused and unique programs in which GPAF has a special analytical and organizational edge. GPAF's main programs cover currently environment and development concepts and politics, financing for development, tax justice, UN reform, global governance, corporate accountability, peace and security, and food and hunger.

Research & Publications

GPAF does original research in its areas of special concern and publishes each year a variety of reports and major policy papers, shorter specialized texts, statements, and tables and charts. These papers inform the public and at the same time they develop new ideas that are useful to experts and policy makers. Some papers are published in partnership with other NGOs or NGO networks. Over the years, GPAF has published studies on many topics, including: Sustainable development, MDGs, the global financial crisis, tax justice, UN finance, corporate accountability, Security Council reform, sanctions, the Iraq war, and Private Military & Security Companies (PMSCs). Several GPAF reports have been published in other languages, particularly in German, as well as in French, Spanish and Arabic. All GPAF's publications can be accessed on the website.

Conferences, Meetings & Other Events

GPAF organizes a number of public events each year, including workshops, conferences, lectures, and dialogue sessions. These events are opportunities for advocacy and education, but they are also occasions for mutual learning, reflection and deeper understanding of issues. Previous events have covered topics including the Post-2015 development agenda, international tax cooperation, and corporate accountability, transparency in the extractive industry, Security Council reform, sanctions, and UN finance.


Global Policy Forum plays an active role in international NGO networks and coalitions, particularly Social Watch and the Global Alliance for Tax Justice. GPAF works together with numerous civil society organizations to provide better research data.

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