Intergovernmental Dignity Academy

Intergovernmental Dignity Academy was established under IPC.

As you are aware, most organizations value money over results. Their self serving business models are reflected in programs that take much longer than needed, cost way more than expected, and never actually finish or accomplish the objective at hand. The countless teams of experts that Government Officials lean on for advice and decisions know that if they solve the hard problems fast or at all, they may find themselves out of a job. Processes, policies, and programs become complicated and convoluted by design in order to justify spending years or decades reinventing perfectly round wheels. Measures of effectiveness are rarely tracked or even defined. This is also by design to leave wiggle room for Leadership and/or Politicians to put their spin on results. Unfortunately, terrorism is rapidly expanding as a direct result.

With this understood, it should come as no surprise why IED attacks are steadily increasing along with Police, Military, and Civilian IED related casualties. Yes, we must accept the fact that there will never be a 100 percent solution to prevent all IED attacks. However, this does not mean that we cannot sharply reduce IED attack frequency and casualties, and the size of the bomb maker networks. By fast tracking the integrations of an extremely lost cost whole of government approach that is strategically targeted, battlefield proven, and highly sustainable, we can deliver quantifiable results against these Measures of Effectiveness:

HME Precursor material seizures and lawful detentions will increase;

IED attacks and IED related casualties will decrease;

Freedom of mobility for military, police, and civilians will increase;

Support from the civilian population will steadily increase; AND...

Taxpayer financial burdens will steadily decrease.

Our greatest asset is OUR PEOPLE. By providing them with basic knowledge of their most imminent threat and equipping them with simple to use tools to help prevent these bombs from being created, we can regain a tactical edge. Fortunately this does not have to take forever to accomplish, nor does it have to cost billions of dollars. Each class of 50 students is concluded in 2 hours. Every trainee leaves the class "A SENSOR"; trained and equipped to target the homemade explosive (HME) precursors used in more than 90 percent of the IEDs and flowing virtually unabated from Pakistan.

In order for the International Police Commission IPC India to enable the Police Forces to regain and maintain a tactical edge over violent extremists who employ Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) as their weapon of choice, a proactive whole of government approach is required. We strongly recommend the integration of a Basic Homemade Explosives (HME) Awareness training and equipping program to enable "ALL" Police Officers to become "SENSORS" that analyze bulk materials for the HME Precursors manufactured within and flowing throughout Pakistan into neighbouring countries for IED mass production. By aggressively targeting the HME Precursors used to make more than 90 percent of the IEDs, the IED attacks, related casualties and destruction will decrease as lawful arrests and HME seizures steadily increase. Freedom of mobility for military, police and civilians will also increase.

For specialists within the Police Forces, they will receive an expanded training and equipping program to also include explosives trace detection and identification with focus on ALL commercial, military, and homemade explosives on every US Government and Military requirement lists, as well as the most common HME Precursors (nitrates, chlorates, peroxides) employed by violent extremists. Training will be provided in both controlled and operational environments. This will be a Phase 2 program, with all relevant details provided after a commitment has been made to commence the above stated Phase 1 program for non specialists use and integration.

I think you will agree that this is a course that every Police Officer in India should learn and every officer should carry the interdiction kit.

We are, when you are ready, to commence the first of a 6 week course for 10 persons. If you wish to train more students then this can be accommodated by employing the services of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc trainer at the same time or just have a continuous 6 week running program

The student will then receive certification that is accepted by NATO. We can train 50 students per class and do 2 sets of students per day. If the Government dictates that every Police Officer and Security / Defence Officer has to be trained we will need to know how many people we are talking about, how many training rooms are available, where are the training facilities located, how long will you give us to train every officer. We have several qualified people that can conduct the courses at various locations at the same time which enables us to rapidly go through all needed to be trained.

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