Citizen Police

The International Police Commission - IPC is an International Autonomous Sovereign Body established and commissioned in various member countries of UN under the IPC charter and Constitution and duly registered with the UN Department of Socio Economic and Development Council. It is an International Socio-economic Development Organization aimed at the development through education.

IPC would like to do better by working towards making the cities of independent India towards becoming a smart City. The Citizen Police is commissioned to help and promote the objectives of safe city.

Although the law and order situation is better yet the residents express a fear towards their safety in view of random happenings of crimes in the city. IPC would like to implement Mississauga Safe City Model in Canada to work in making safer cities in association with community partners and other stake holders to achieve the following objectives:

Public Awareness: To reduce fear of crime in Community and promote public safety awareness.

Crime Reduction: To contribute to a reduction of crime in the community.

Partnerships: To create and maintain effective crime prevention partnerships within the community

Resources: To access sufficient financial and technical resources to enable Crime Prevention Partnership to meet its charter.

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