The International Police Commission – IPC India (Intergovernmental Law Enforcement Consortium) is A Peace Building Commission and left wing of the International Organization for Educational Development – IOED. It is duly registered with the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise - MSME, Government of India to work in the category of the extraterritorial Organizations like the United Nations and its Agencies such as IMF, World Bank, European Commission, OPEC, etc. The Constitution and Charter of the IPC India Command has already been legally notarized in India. It is also a proud Member of the United Nations Office of the Drugs and Crimes “UNODC”, Anti Terrorism Accreditation Board and The SECINDEF (Security, Intelligence & Defense) Israel-USA International Consulting Counter-terrorism / Homeland Intelligence Security-Israel, International Agency for Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence & Defense against Terrorism and the International Police Commission – IPC India signed an Agreement and also recognized by the Central Vigilance Commission, Government of India to act against Corruption. It is a non-profit, peacekeeping and socio-economic development paramilitary intelligence organization based in the Republic of India with extension commands in other UN nations. It is also Special Partner Signatory of the International Business Standard Organization “IBSO” to carry out general mandate and objective of ensuring peace and order through proper training courses and is ever ready within capacity to assist all law enforcement agencies in the campaign against criminal elements, involving the supreme citizen’s power under the Constitution of all nations to ensure equality of justice, freedom and democracy and to assist the governments of the member UN Nations in humanitarian, socio-civic, and peace keeping operations, while being a catalyst for social development through socio-civic and economic development programs and projects. It is a great achievement for all of us to make Skilled, Empowered, Prosperous, Environment-friendly and Crime-free States as per Mission of the IOED.

The International Police Commission – IPC India serves as a catalyst for a peaceful global environment. We provide worldwide services essential for private entities, government authorities, and law enforcement agencies by assisting resolve crimes against humanity.

The Spirit of the Universe is calling upon all peace-loving citizens to volunteer and join us in this noble endeavour.”

FAQs about the International Police Commission – IPC India
What is the IPC?
The IPC is an acronym of the INTERNATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION classified as a paramilitary group.

Purpose of the organization:
The specific purpose of the organization is to create a unified front with private and government functionaries to problems affecting human rights, economics, social affairs, control and prevention, and trafficking of illegal drugs. Its secondary purpose is to assist domestic and worldwide government in humanitarian and peacekeeping operations. Both worldwide and locally, the IPC India is coordinating and sharing the campaign against terrorism and deeply involved in community projects of law enforcement agencies.

Where does the organization get funding?
The funds of the organization derives from membership fees, gifts, donations and contributions from private and government sectors, charitable institutions, fund raising projects, grants from private companies/philanthropic entities, established through requests to local, national and international prerequisites.

Qualification required joining the organization:
Anyone who is active and retired Diplomat, Jurist, Advocate and an officer from Security, Intelligence and Defence, desires to join the organization must be of good moral character and must never be convicted of any crime. He must be physically and psychologically fit and must adhere to the laws of the land.

Documents required:
1. Bio-data/Resume
2. Application Form
3. Must be endorsed or recommended by an active member or officer
4. 2 x 2 coloured picture 2 pieces with black coat and matching tie attired
5. Clearances from government authorities
6. Any certificate of seminars attended or other related composite training

When a person freely enters an organization or association, that person believes in the principles which the organization stands for. He does so in exercise of this freedom.

He is expected to embrace the principles by which the organization is created and through which it thrives. He is expected to abide by the reasonable laws, rules and regulations which the organization as a whole, agrees to implement.

Therefore, when a new member applies for membership, he or she is expected to similarly uphold the laws and regulations, the Integrity of the Organization and or association by primarily abiding by the mission or reasons for its existence.

It is only when you have come to the conclusion that you have joined this organization FOR SERVICE, FOR LOVE , FOR COUNTRY and GOD, then you can safely say, you have fulfilled your vow.

Why are the members given military ranks?
Being a paramilitary group, the entitlement of military ranking is adopted as per the organization's Constitution and Bylaws corroborated that Officers and Personnel shall be conferred with military rank in order to enforce the highest and strict discipline within the rank and file, a sublime objective in bringing the Officers and Personnel with the finest camaraderie.

Is in-house training a composite of the organization?

Personnel and Officers are subjected to an in-house training and other aspects relevant to their designated ranks and assignments.

A pretty good knowledge in computer skills is a must for vital communications. Secondary training on martial arts and self defense mechanism, Other training on terrorism protocol that includes intelligence networks, Rescue and First Aid Medical Treatment, Disaster and Relief Operations, Basic Police Management and Weapons Handling

Are the IPC providing training to other Peace-keeping Organizations?

Are members given allowances or remuneration?
NO, All members are volunteers, unless otherwise that grants will be accorded to the organization, pro-rated allowances will be assessed upon the approval of the members of the Board of Directors, on assigned working committees.

Thank You.

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Uphold International Law
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